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Anonymous asked: so whats up with tumblrcam?

Editing here and there, have a general idea of how the stuff is looking like and me and Max are gonna talk more about It in a bit. I still need a couple more clips from my good friends Austin and Robert but I don’t want to rush them into anything and have already asked them a couple times and any more would be bothersome.

Anonymous asked: you do coke?

Weed is tight

"Girls are tight, but weed is tighter"

- Ricardiel

After seeing that Hoffart firing line I really want to put on the rails again


Old pictures


a day at this little park w/ slowdeine

nice bonding time with my son :-)

Damn I see you called him Son earlier than I did


antonio learned frontside grinds



selfie clips from today





an untitled video project by austin aleman. 2012-2014. i can’t even begin to explain how thankful i am to be a part of this video, but more importantly how thankful i am to be a part of the family at mainline we have become. anyone who was a part of us knows that this video is much more than a skateboarding video. it’s a video of the past 2 years of our lives through the lens of austin. through skateboarding, mainline, and friends i am so happy to be able to have something in my life like this and these people, it gives me something to live for. 2 years of amazing times and memories with these people, and i hope for another 2 years and a lifetime of friends, skateboarding, and good times. love you guys, and thank you austin.

featuring myself, devin, james, kagen, and all our friends.

filmed & edited by austin aleman


I keep trying to add to Skylers caption up there, but alway end up speechless because he pretty much nailed it in the coffin right there. You guys killed it. This project was filmed by one man and on man only, and Austin is the fucking man. A huge thank you, Austin.

From everyone from mainline: past, present, and future.

love is your fucking boys




It’s weird seeing a skate video, or part, from when I started skateboarding. For example, I used to see And Now all the time. At the time, I had no social media accounts, no cellphone, and had two friends that skated but lived on the other side of town. Instead of sharing the stoke of the video…

i remember worshipping skate videos when they came out, and for months after that. i used to watch stay gold so much that i carried the damn dvd with me everywhere i went to if i went to the skateshop in town we could put it in or if i went to a friend house we could watch it. we used to have that dvd on so much that we used it to tell time, i remember i could cook a batch of homemade wax in 1 full play through of stay gold and another up until collin provost’s part.

pyxus that’s amazing, hell yeah